I'm Salena!

I’m a Business Coach for millennial women that need help preparing financially to leave their 


I know firsthand the pain of walking into your job everyday and daydreaming about your goals. It’s time to stop cheating on your purpose and make the impact you are called to.

I left my 9-5 in 2018 and never looked back. I traded all hands meetings for networking, a cubicle for anywhere my heart desired and bureaucracy for autonomy.


Born to immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York, I grew up learning to hold tight to my Caribbean roots while fighting to fit in with American culture. We lived in poverty and unfortunately, not having enough was the norm.

After college, I knew I wanted more. I had big dreams. Big goals. So, I made my BIG move to DC, got a good government job and bought a home. I “had it all” – but after seven years, I was capped




I worked to pay the bills, dreaded Mondays and lived for the weekend. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and needed to break free. So, I quit. I put my dough up and started my business with no debt, less stress and more clarity. I didn’t have to desperately sell my services online to survive.

Salena walking on bridge with blue shirt

I’m a trailblazer. I know you are too.

You too, can pursue your purpose with a financial plan.

Don’t let money stop your purpose.

Let me help you!

A Little More About Me

Originally from Brooklyn, NY

Managed a grant program for the EPA

Seven Sister Alumna

Obsessed with hot beverages

I love cooking shows

Coffee makes me sleepy